Medical tourism guide 2014 Traditionally, most cross-border health travellers are driven by the need to get appropriate treatment at comparatively lower costs. But for the GCC case, which is characterised by high per capita incomes and high disposable amounts of wealth, cross-border travel is driven by both: the desire for cosy service offerings and need for appropriate treatment at comparative rates.

The GCC healthcare market is projected to grow to $43.9 bln by 2015 from an estimated $25.6 bln in 2010. Currently, the GCC spends about $12 bln on healthcare per year and regional governments offer subsidies on healthcare for their nationals. In 2011 alone, the UAE spent more than $2.2 billion on overseas medical treatment for its citizens.

The healthcare infrastructure in GCC countries lags behind developed nations in terms of hospital beds, diagnostic labs and clinics as well as medical staff. Further, the shortage of medical personnel in GCC is seen as a key concern and this is coupled with limited medical education options in the region.
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Income & Health
To sum it up, the GCC outbound medical travel is propelled by a rapidly growing population, rising income levels and rising ageing populations. The lifestyle-related diseases have increased in tandem with growing per capita income and a sedentary lifestyle. For instance, the proportion of obese people within the GCC population is considerably higher than the global average.

This has increased the prevalence of chronic diseases. Looking at the UAE alone, a joint WHO study showed that 25% of UAE citizens suffer from diabetes (as compared with an average of 5 to 7% globally). All the six GCC nations feature among the top 12 countries worldwide in terms of chronic disease prevalence.

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Guide Book
The Medical Tourism Guide 2014 is aimed squarely at GCC travellers and prospective patients who have considerations to travel abroad for medical treatment. The annual guidebook provides a platform for anything medical travel: from international medical facilities, to natural healing centres, to medical travel service providers.

Published in English and Arabic (two separate guidebooks), the Guidebook features reviews of top destinations for medical travel, profiles of healthcare care facilities and support service providers including spas, hotels, wellness centres and medical travel tour operators.
Target Audience
Readers of the Medical Tourism Guide are discerning medical travellers and High Net-Worth Individuals in the GCC. Copies of the Guide (70,000 Arabic & 30,000 English) will be distributed through:

Distribution Points

- Government Offices in GCC countries
- Industry Associations and Chambers
- Consulates and embassies
- Royal Palaces
- GCC Private and commercial airport lounges
- International Hospitals and Clinics
- International Health Insurance Carriers
- Hospitality Facilities and Centres
- Travel Assistance / Booking Companies
- Related Events and Exhibitions in GCC
- Arab Health Exhibition, Dubai
- Saudi Health Expo – KSA
- MedExpo – KSA
- International Medical Travel Exhibition, Dubai
- Malaysia International Healthcare Travel Expo, Malaysia
- Medical Travel conference and Exhibition 2014
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